The great thing about going to Morrison Dental for my family is I can schedule appointments for myself, my husband and our two children on the same day so we can all get our teeth taken care of without making multiple trips to different offices. The staff is great about working with us to get our appointment times straight, and with everything else we have going on we really appreciate the convenience.

Morrison Dental patient in Savannah

I am so glad I found Morrison Dental because Dr. Lee can see me early in the morning to accommodate my work schedule, and that makes such a big difference. I really appreciate how professional everyone is in the office, and Dr. Lee goes out of his way to make sure I am comfortable while I’m there.

Morrison Dental patient in Atlanta

Dr. Bob and the whole staff at Morrison Dental are so very pleasant and friendly. It’s always so nice to receive a personal call after having dental work done, and the overall attitude in the office makes it very comfortable so you can relax.

Morrison Dental patient in Brunswick

Morrison Dental Associates does a wonderful job! When I had extensive dental work done, I can say I’ve never had an experience quite like this before. The service and attention was fantastic, I really appreciate that Dr. Townes was willing to go out of his way to accommodate my needs.

Morrison Dental patient in Bluffton